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Just like you, I have many roles. I’m a daughter, a mentor, a friend, but most importantly, I am an advocate for teen girls and women. I care about you and what matters in your life, whether it’s the sexualization of young girls, women’s rights and safety or just the things that keep you up at night. I care and I want to hear from you.

Since my days at my Catholic girls’ school, I had always been taught that service was important. Completing volunteer work was a requirement to graduate. My mother has always worked as a nurse with teenagers in low-income neighborhoods, so I’ve always known giving back is expected. What I did not always know was what the right fit was for me. Service can be an obligation or what you truly feel. The feeling for me came years later.

Attending Smith College in Massachusetts and graduating from Baylor University in Texas afforded me a range of education experiences. It all served me well. After working as a reporter and anchor at TV stations in my home state of Texas, Nevada and Missouri, I arrived in Atlanta. When I began working at HLN (then CNN Headline News), I was given the opportunity to cover far too many stories of women and girls who were the victims of violence. I was also given the opportunity to interview a variety of strong women who shared with me their struggles and triumphs. From Mary J. Blige to Chaka Khan, these women spoke from an honest, vulnerable and empowered place. The more I had these types of conversations with women, the more I realized the value in sharing our journeys – and I began to realize empowering women and girls is my passion. It was then I knew this would be my way of giving back, using my voice and my platform for that purpose. I had the feeling I’d been waiting for.

As women, we can use our VOICE to enlighten and change the world.

That’s why I currently serve as the VP of the Board of Directors of Men Stopping  Violence, whose mission is to end violence against women and create safe communities for women and girls. I also serve on the Board of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. The Girl Scouts is the largest girl-serving organization in the United States. The chapter I serve with is one of the largest in the country. I serve because I truly believe in the power that women and girls have to change the world.

Throughout my life, I have won numerous awards. I’m an Emmy award-winning journalist, and have interviewed everyone from Janet Jackson to commanding generals at Fort Hood.

While I have been recognized for my work in journalism, the one word that means the most to me is ADVOCATE.

Please join me on this journey as we learn from each other, teach each other, empower, inspire and create a vision and a future together for women in our ever changing and challenging world.

So that’s me, now I want to hear from you…and I promise to always LISTEN.

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