Richelle Carey at the office

Why would someone who is on television every day possibly need a place to say even more than she already does to viewers?  It’s simple. A newscast must be many things to many people. I want this website to be different. I want it to be a place where we can have a genuine conversation about the challenges and triumphs of women and girls.

I feel we have a responsibility to each other – especially to young women – to speak up about critical issues we face…domestic violence, sexualization of girls in the media, sexism, victim blaming and so many other topics. I say “we” because even if you haven’t personally experienced any of these, someone you know has. I mention triumphs too because there are oh so many triumphs to highlight, from female heads of state to teenage girls starting a successful non-profit, to women winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

We are accomplishing wonderful things everyday in less than ideal circumstances. My hope is that when you come to this blog you will learn new things, gain new perspectives, and feel empowered because of that knowledge and those connections.
So let’s start the conversation and see what happens.

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