We as Women

My father always says to me…anyone who succeeds had help along the way, even if they won’t admit it. Well…I will admit it. I would not be where I am without the help of my amazing dad. Here though, I want to give special recognition to women who helped me. Some are women I know, some I’ve never met. Some are famous, others famous only to their families.

We as women owe something to the generations before us. Our path is easier because of them. I think of my grandmother growing up poor in Louisiana. She worked as a housekeeper as she and my PaPa made a way for my mom and her siblings. My mom was able to go to nursing school because of what my grandmother did before her. All against the backdrop of racism and sexism that said they were somehow “less than.”

We as women must take the time to know the stories of those before us and those alongside us. When we honor these journeys, we as women are stronger.

This is where I share the stories of women who shaped my life, and I invite you to do the same. This is a place where their story can be an inspiration to others. Someone you’ve never met can help you find strength in a difficult time, or can help you envision a path for yourself that others think is impossible. You just have to know their stories. This is a place where the stories of female role models — high profile and not — will be told. You may see your story in theirs. In fact, I hope you do.




Share Your Story 

To submit your story about a woman who has shaped your life, please email it to weaswomen@richellecarey.com.

Please include:

  • a photo of your hero (file not bigger than 2mb)
  • a few paragraphs about why this woman is your hero, what you learned from her, and how she shaped your life (350 words max.)
  • a short title to your piece (i.e. My First Grade Teacher, My Aunt Sally, …)


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